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Localization Services: Video Products

There are two ways to localize a video product into another language - dubbing and subtitling. Dubbing means substituting the original voices in a video product with those in the target language; subtitling means adding subtitles to a video product in the target language. Sometimes, the two methods are combined to localize a video product.

Many people prefer to watch video products dubbed in their preferred language and, to these people, dubbing is a preferred way of video localization. The dubbing production process is relatively complex involving voice talents and a recording studio to produce sound files, which are then incorporated into the video product. Here are some video products that have been localized by way of dubbing:

Subtitling is a cost-effective way of localizing video products. Subtitling keeps the original language soundtrack of a video product and creates one or two lines of subtitles in another language for each segment of narration or dialogues, which appears on the screen in sync with the original audio. We support many languages for video/movie subtitles. Apart from Latin-based and Cyrillic-based European languages, we support Middle East languages (such as Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew), East Asian languages (such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and South Asian languages (such as Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali)... Here are some subtitled video samples:

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